MobileMapper 300

The Scalable Smart Antenna Solution

April 2016:

iGage no longer carries the MobileMapper 300.
This device may be available from other vendors.


iGage does stock spare parts (charging accessories and serial port adapters.) Please call for details.

The MobileMapper 300 is a simple, easy-to-use, smart antenna designed to be used in combination with a wide variety of mobile devices, including smart phones, tablets, and notebook computers.

The MobileMapper 300 works with any geo-enabled android application. Every application which uses the GPS derived position on the device will automatically use the MM300's enhanced accuracy.

Integration is provided by the free SPace (Spectra Precision accuracy enabler) app which is downloaded from the Play center. Once installed, SPace automatically bonds to the nearest MobileMapper 300. By default the MM300 reports WAAS corrected results, however network RTK corrections over Direct IP (DIP) or NTRIP and Trimble's RTX Rangepoint corrections can also be used. (Note: subscriptions are required for RTX and may be required for other network corrections.)

Once configured, SPace takes care of all of the details and automatically uses the MM300 if it is turned on and nearby. Other than turning on the MM300, no additional configuration is necessary.

The MobileMapper 300 will typically run for 10-hours on a charge. The standard charging cycle is 8-hours, however there is also a 3-hour 'Fast-Charge' option.

The MM300 is available in three accuracy ranges and it is possible to upgrade from one to another:

Model Accuracy Price
MM300 30x30 30 cm horiz, 30 cm vert $3,995
MM300 7x2 7 cm horz, 2 cm vert $5,490
MM30 RTK 1 cm hoz, 1 cm vert $6,450

Each receiver includes charger, cigarette adapter for charging and a soft carry case.



Product specifications

Constellation : GPS/GLONASS/SBAS
Channels : 220
Frequency : L1/L2
Update Rate : 0.05 sec
Data format : RTCM 2.0, 2.1, 2.3, 3.0, 3.1, CMR(+), NMEA
Raw data output : No
Real-time Accuracy - RTK mode (HRMS) : 1 cm
Real-time Accuracy - DGPS mode (HRMS) : < 30 cm
Real-time Accuracy - SBAS mode (HRMS) : < 50 cm
Accuracy options : 30 cm Hor/ 30 cm Ver; 7cm/2cm; 1 cm/2cm
Time to first fix : 10 seconds, warm start
Communications : Bluetooth
Unit size (mm) : 20.5x20.5x6.2 cm
Shock & vibration : ETS 300019
Weight : 650g
Drop : 2m pole drop on concrete
Display : No
Memory : 6 MB
Temp Min (C) : -30C
Temp Max (C) : +65C
Waterproof : IP 67
Power (type - lifetime) : 5000 mAh Li-Ion > 10 hrs
Antenna Type : Internal
Firmware options : Yes
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