Focus DL 15

The Affordable Digital Level Solution

The Spectra Precision FOCUS DL-15 digital level is a very affordable, digital level delivering simplicity, ease-of-use and versatile onboard software to provide consistent precision, performance and productivity. All at an amazing low price.

The FOCUS DL-15: Instantly Productive:

The Spectra Precision FOCUS DL-15 digital level provides consistent height measurement precision through electronic reading of a standard bar code staff to an accuracy of 1.5 mm (0.005 feet.)

Featuring internal data storage and a distance measurement range of 100m (328 ft.), the Spectra Precision digital level is affordable, versatile, and easy to use, an ideal choice for value.

Powerful Onboard Software Functions

  • Easy to learn and use, instantly productive, the FOCUS DL-15 provides consistent measurement precision. It eliminates reading and recording errors and reduces operator eye fatigue.

  • The FOCUS DL-15 contains measurement routines for common leveling tasks including height determination, calculation of elevations, height differences and Cut and Fill Stakeout.

  • It is simple data transfer from the FOCUS DL-15 via a standard USB cable.

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Focus DL 15 Pricing




MSRP Price


1x FOCUS DL-15 Main Unit
2x Batteries
1x Aluminum staff with level bubble
1x AC battery charger
1x Charger cable kit
1x Mini-USB cable
1x Transfer software/ User manual
1x SP rain cover
1x Plastic carrying case


Spare Parts
103054 Battery DL-15   $145  
103056-11 AC Battery Charger   $75  
203060 Aluminum staff   $165  
103058-33 Instrument case   $75  



Product specifications

Height accuracy Electronic Measurement: 1.5 mm (0.005 ft)
Optical Measurement: 2.0 mm (0.007 ft)

(DIN 18723, standard deviation height measuring per 1 km
(3,280.84 ft) of double leveling)

Distance accuracy Distance (D) ≤ 10 m (32.80 ft): 10 mm (0.033 ft)
Distance (D) >10 m (32.80 ft): D*0.001 mm/ft
Range Electronic Measurement: 1.5 m to 100 m (4.92 ft to 328.08 ft)
Electronic measurement Resolution height measurement: 1 mm / 0.5 mm
Resolution distance measurement: 0.1 m / 0.01 m
Measurement time: 3 sec
Number of Measurements: 100,000 held in memory (16 MB)
Compensator Type: Magnetic damping
Compensation range: 12
Setting accuracy: 0.3
Circular level sensitivity: 8/2 mm
Telescope Objective aperture: 45 mm (0.148 ft)
Magnification: 32x
Resolving power: 3
Field of view: 130
Stadia constant: 100
Horizontal circle Graduation 360
Graduation interval 1
Estimation to 0.1
Environmental Operating temperature 20 C to +50 C
(4 F to +122 F)
Dust and water proofing IP54


  Data Sheet & Manual

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